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 About Energy-Facts.org

Dr. Frank ClementeEnergy-Facts.org is a project of Dr. Frank Clemente, a member of the Graduate Faculty at Penn State and former Director of the University’s Environmental Policy Center.

Dr. Clemente served on the faculty at the University of Kentucky and was a National Institutes of Health Post-Doctoral Fellow in Economic and Industrial Development at the University of Wisconsin.

The Senior Class of 2006 voted him "Best Professor" at Penn State.

Professor Clemente’s research specialization is the socioeconomic impact of energy policy, especially on families, minorities, business and communities. His work has been published in energy related media including Public Utilities Fortnightly, Electrical World, Nuclear News, World Oil, American Coal, Oil and Gas Journal, Electric Perspectives and the Journal of Commerce. His social science research has appeared in such publications as Farm Economics, Urban Studies, Journal of Black Studies, Growth and Change and Rural Sociology

Professor Clemente has a doctorate from the University of Tennessee.

Recent and forthcoming 2009 presentations include the following:

  • June 2009:  " Energy Realities Facing the United States" presented to Southern Growth Policies Board, Biloxi, MS
  • July 2990: "Why We Will Need More Coal-based Electricity" -- North Carolina Coal Association, Myrtle Beach, NC
  • August 2009: "America's Energy Future" -- Republican Governors Association, Sun Valley, CA
  • October 2009: " The Question of Coal Reserves in the United States" Geological Society of America, Portland OR


Mark P. Mills

The Cloud Begins With Coal is a research feature of Energy-Facts.org providing  analysis and insights from Mark P. Mills.

 Mills’ is founder and CEO of the Digital Power Group. His business and research specializes on the role, future and intersections of information, energy and security technologies.  He has served as chief tech strategist in a venture capital fund and had direct responsibility for investments in several dozen companies.  He has served on numerous boards, co-founded and took public, as founding Chairman and CTO, ICx Technologies, an energy/security tech company. He served as a tech advisor to Banc of America, and early in his career worked in the Reagan White House Science Office, and was as an engineering-scientist in defense electronics, fiber optics, and microprocessors where he holds several patents.  

Mark is a member of the Advisory Council of the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University, and is a Board member of the Marshall Institute.


His Forbes columns, other articles and speeches can be found at Tech-Pundit.


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About Dr. Clemente

Dr. Frank ClementeDr. Clemente is a Professor Emeritus at Penn State University where he specializes in research on the socioeconomic aspects of energy policy. His work has appeared in World Oil, Public Utilities Fortnightly, Oil & Gas JournalElectric Light & Power and a variety of other energy related media. The materials presented here are solely the responsibility of the author and do not represent Pennsylvania State University in any manner.

About Mark P. Mills

Mark P. MillsMills, a physicist, co-authored the book The Bottomless Well and writes the Forbes "Energy Intelligence" column.  Earlier, he co-authored a successful tech investment newsletter (Digital Power Report), and has been published widely including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. He has testified before Congress, given hundreds of speeches, and appeared frequently on TV shows, including the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He worked in the Reagan White House Science Office.

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