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Some of These Ways You Can to Help Your Hand Don’t Fell Pain Easily

Posted by on Dec 19, 2017 in Hand Surgeon | 0 comments

As one of the parts that often deal directly with the things we hold, the hands usually experience strong pain. This can happen because we often lift a heavy burden or do something repeatedly. In some cases, the pain in the hand even indicates a particular disease. So many sufferers who seek to heal with surgery. Hand operation can be done by an experienced hand surgeon. This is so that the results obtained will be maximized. One hand surgeon that has handled many cases that occur in the hand is Dr. Jeffrey E. Buddof. He has a certification in the field of hand surgery that no doubt.

The pain that is felt in the hands usually has several factors that we often do every day, such as typing, writing, lifting the heavy burden, exercise and other things we do repeatedly. For that, the care on the hands should be run by everyone. Some treatments that can make the hands fresh again are

• Compress: You can use a compress with hot or cold water to relieve a sore hand or make your hands feel refreshed again. This can also be done to reduce swelling and inflammation of the hands.

• Green Tea: Some people believe that green tea can help reduce pain in the joints and make the joint feel refreshed. This is because green tea can provide a sense of relaxation that can help the joints fresh again. You can drink as much as 2 -3 cups a day to get your body fresh again.

• Turmeric: a Curcuma substance present on the turmeric can be an antioxidant that can overcome the pain in the wrist and slow the progression of the disease caused by pain in the wrist. You can mix turmeric powder into milk or hot water and drink it twice a day.

• Ginger: the content in ginger shows a positive effect in reducing the patient’s race. Ginger is also believed to be an excellent natural remedy for a painful wrist condition or making the hand refreshed. Ginger can also inhibit COX-2 chemicals present in the body that usually cause pain. You can drink ginger water that has been clove with honey as much as 2-3 cups in a day.

All of these ways you can do at home to reduce the pain in the hands and wrists. It can also help your hand to feel refreshed and not too tired of running daily activities.

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