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These Two Factors Can Cause Your Wrist Pain

Posted by on Dec 19, 2017 in Hand Surgeon | 0 comments

The wrist is one part that has a complex joint composed of a combination of 8 small bones of the forearm and hand bone. However, have you ever felt pain in your wrists? It is usually caused by the injury suffered in that part. Everyone can experience pain on the wrist, but it will be riskier if someone often does physical activities that use such as cutting and typing. In some patients, hand pain should be treated with surgery. When you have decided the operation, then we also choose the right hand surgeon. One of the many hand surgeons of choice is Dr. Jeffrey E. Budoof who has experienced handling pain on the wrist.

There are several factors that can cause the occurrence of this disease, such as

• Trauma, when a person falls into the wrong hand position, it will cause fractures and other pain.

• Repetitive movements, repetitive work such as typing or writing will lead to inflammation of joint tissue.

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